Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's a new year!  Our country is at a crossroads!  Having lost my father just before the holidays, I debated whether to take this site down.  He enjoyed blogging here, but in recent months was too sick to do very much.  But, that certainly didn't keep him from watching what was happening in our world and talking to me about it.  We shared the same understanding of what was happening, and that most important issues of limited government and freedom were certainly some of our firmest agreement.  We were watching together for the first time in history a possible 'fundamental transformation of America' before our eyes.  Unfortunately, he did not get to see the conclusion to this battle that is waging in America to return to the vision of our founding fathers, which is what has made America the MOST unique and free country in the world.  How can our current society miss this and fall for all the socialist/marxist/communist ideas? 

Well, my dad understood that it was a lack of understanding of what those ideas really are and how they end (psst...not well).  He knew before many of the talk radio hosts were talking about it what history we are about to repeat because he spent the latter part of his life studying history.  When he first told me his thoughts, I couldn't believe it.  It's that moment when you realize everything you have been taught and believed is in question.  So, I began checking what he was telling me.  And he was right! 

I find the truth alienates many people.  Over the years, the reality of the problem struck me.  It's a trust vs. mistrust issue.  For SOME people, the idea that anyone would literally want to transform our nation to one of socialism and even the dreaded word communism cannot be considered because it would mean that people are literally planning our destruction.  It is implausible to these certain people because they can't imagine a mindset that could be that evil.  Therefore, they choose to believe the words of certain individuals (progressive politicians).  For instance, the same people in their state of disbelief that this country is on the road to socialism instead believe these progressives really care about the poor rather then actually believing they could be exploiting the poor.  But, when you look at the poorest cities in our country, you will find that the progressives have been running those cities for 20-30 years.  Their programs for the poor - why are they NOT working?  The cities have become MORE in poverty, not less.  Progressives know they don't work because they have seen the result, YET continue to advocate these programs.  Why?  Well, for those in disbelief have to believe their politicians are stupid, because the only other option is evil.  

Christians should not be so easily deceived, yet they are as well.  Eph. 5:15-16:  "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."  It is because they don't believe scripture or they don't 'prove all things' against scripture to see if something is really good for us.  If the days ARE evil, then it is possible for people in power to plan evil.  In fact, when Moses and Jesus were infants, evil was perpetrated in order to kill them.  We read about it, but don't believe any politician today could be the same way?  We really are sheep for the slaughter!

But, usually, most people buy into some lie that capitalism caused poverty.  Now, seriously, if that isn't the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  I mean, let's face it people, capitalism is what grows economies and helps create wealth.  The FACT is that where progressives have limited or penalized capitalism, their cities fall deeper into poverty while more and more people get on the government system (welfare) and NEVER get back on their feet.  Is this the America you envision for your kids?  I believe in helping people, but let's help them HELP THEMSELVES!  You cannot do it for them.  There are people in this country that choose not to work, not to contribute and not to achieve.  Why penalize the rest of the country to try to 'help' (when it is really enabling them to FAIL).

With that, I'm not opposed to churches and local groups helping the poor.  In fact, that is the right way to handle poverty.  If someone in your community is making those connections to help someone in need, there are bridges built there, forever friendships and lives permanently changed.  I think this is where the real help comes from.  When a person is a nameless face getting government handouts, there is not going to be a transformation of any kind.  It is within the connections of the community that these changes occur.  Didn't Hilary Clinton say 'it takes a village'?  

This is one example of how the poor are not helped but hurt by progressive policies.  The progressives know their programs are not working to FIX poverty, yet they never change the program.  Why?  Well, for me, I believe the Bible has answered this question.  The Bible tells us that people "will call evil good, and good evil, put darkness for light and light for darkness, and bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isaiah 5:20)  Basically, people who are not Christians (and some deceived Christians) are going to get it wrong.  Why do we trust in them?

I believe there is only one way we can return to the value of our founders.  It is also found in the Bible.  "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."  II Chronicles 7:14
Dennis Lee Lamb
(April 25, 1949 - December 10, 2009)

Dennis Lee Lamb was born on April 25, 1949 in Wichita, Kansas to Helen Mae Lamb and her late husband Lawrence Michael Lamb and died December 10, 2009 in Edmond Oklahoma.

He was the youngest of three having two older siblings, Laura Jane Covey and Lawrence Ronald Lamb. He grew up in Protection, Kansas. Many of his friends remember him as being very funny. He was proud of the fact that despite being the class clown and a poor student in grade school and high school, he excelled in the college classes he took proving to himself that he was as smart as anyone else. His professor even offered him an all expense paid trip for the summer to study marine biology off the coast of Mississippi as only the best students are chosen across this nation to participate.

He went on to marry Phyllis Diana Warkentin on March 21, 1970, at the Saron Mennonite Church of Orienta. They had two children together, Amy and Dorinda. They made their home in Fairview, Oklahoma where Dennis started his own business at the age of 26, Lamb Services, Inc. buying and selling oilfield equipment. After the oil bust in the early 80’s he relocated to Oklahoma City and finally made his home in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Dennis and his nephew, Michael Wright, along with third partner, David Joyce, opened Oklahoma Diesel Power where they buy and sell oilfield generator sets and industrial engines. What he said about all his years in the oilfield, ‘That’s a lot of years in business and a lot of hard work!’ He also took many trips over the years to England to see family there. He was able to see the county his grandmother Martin came on a boat from and never got to see again. He also was able to bring family to his grandmother in her final years from England so she could have a little home come to her. In recent years, his favorite pastime was studying history, economics and politics. He even blogged about his favorite authors and current events. He was most certainly a patriotic man who loved this country and loved studying the founders of it. He also loved a good debate. His favorite song was ‘Precious Lord’ by Bill Medley.

He is survived by daughters, Amy Wilson and husband Terry, Dorinda Gentry and husband, Tim, 8 grandchildren; Seryna, Jax, Lavralei, Gabrielle and Joel Wilson also Seth, Saron and Sheldon Gentry, siblings Laura Jane Covey and Lawrence Ronald Lamb, niece Michelle Picon, nephews Michael Wright, Jim Wright and Anthony Lamb.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Lawrence Michael and Helen Mae Lamb.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where did Thomas Jefferson come up with this phrase? "all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Boston Tea Party

The King sent shipments of tea to the Boston harbor at such a bargain price, that for the first time, America could enjoy tea at a cheaper price than the British back home. The tax on the tea was insignificant, so why all the fuss? You see, the tea was originally shipped to India, but they were in such poor shape economically that England decided to help relieve India’s debt by shipping this tea from India to America at an irresistible price.

The fuss was over taxation without representation and when the King found out about the complaint, he responded with something like this: Manchester has no representation in Parliament, and yet, they are still part of the Kingdom and has representation the same as the colonies and without complaints. The colonies responded like this: Then they should demand representation in Parliament as we do!

But it went deeper than that! For years Britain didn’t pay any attention to America because it would cost a lot of money to regulate the colonies from Britain, until we started becoming a competitor on the market. This is why we started practicing the freedom of religion even though many promised to continue with the Church of England. LOL! The Church of England soon vanished from North American and moved on to Canada and other places. This is why we had such bazaar experiments with freedom in the colonies, such with one particular case in the Georgia Colony. Where the planners decided that they wanted only the homeless and those considered worthless from England to come to their colony. But they did screen them first, they had to be in there current situation not by choice but rather circumstances out of their control. They had to promise that given the opportunity to improve their living conditions, that they would work hard. It worked!!! It forced the King of England to say: It doesn’t matter how foolish these ideas are, they all seem to work over there. LOL! He just didn’t understand the human spirit under liberty. After a time, the charter was returned to the crown, due to the fact that, it was the planners who made all the laws and some against the progress of the workers who didn’t like to be dictated to by the planners. It did worked though!

When the British discovered that we were cutting in on their market, by using the cheapest shippers in the world, the Dutch, they enforced laws that we could only use their ships at a high price, ending our free competitive market in the world. They started taxing left and right, and not only that, but America had to get the kings permission to set up any form of government. We were not given permission to setup local legislatures or a judicial system nor even a central bank. And when we did, it was not recognized by Britain and by the rest of the world as it shouldn’t have been. The world would see American as nothing but renegades and not as a nation. We could have never gotten help from France or Germany in the Revolutionary War without becoming a new nation. That is the true meaning of the Declaration of Independence in which we celebrate on every Forth of July.

We are again at the precipice of losing our freedoms and being way over taxed as our Founding Fathers found themselves. We are no longer represented, but rather, ruled over by a dictatorial Congress and the White House. This weekend, the only resolve we have is to go out and let our message be heard across this Nation, sending a bow wave that will shake the foundations of Washington.

By Dennis Lamb.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How will our economy work without economic calculation? A country which has always relied on its consumers to determine what is to be produced and at what quality and quantity. It is the consumers who are the true owners of the tools of production and the legal owners are the managers. In an economic democracy, it is the people voting with their dollars that determines the winners and losers in our economic system and not the government. This same method sets the pay scale of our athletes, movies stars, rock singers and it works in all other facets of our economy. Economic calculation is impossible under government control of the economy.

If government owns the tool of production, it also owns you. I ask, how will they determine what to produce and how many and in what kind of variety? How will they determine wages? What happens when they over produce products which have little demand, leaving many unemployed? That’s right, unemployment is more prevalent in socialist countries than in capitalist countries. What choices lie ahead for the consumers?

It has been often said, that the people loved the dark horse Hitler rode in on, but they just didn’t like Hitler. Though the Marxist professors blamed Hitler for destroying their utopia, it was their ideology that created Hitler. If it wouldn’t have been Hitler, than it would had to be one similar to him to led their cause. The same like minded professors of today learned little or nothing from history. Economics are always left out of their schemes, and thus, their utopias are doomed from the onset. Without economic calculation, the leader must give economic directives on a daily basis as there is no time for decisions from congress or parliament to act. There is no time for debate, decisions must be made quickly by a strong leader gathering information from his committees and then, he sets the agenda. The leader has the luxury of appointing the heads of the committees, usually his friends or supporters, to oversee the economy.

This is my scenario of how the economy would work under socialism:

Let’s take a step back in history to the old Soviet Union and Germany and how their economies might have worked on handling this particular problem. The committee meets on Monday and reports to the dictator, that an apple orchard in the West must be harvested now or the crop will be lost and we have no one to pick the apples. The leader, which I will refer to him from now on, asks if there is any sector of the economy with laid off workers. The response is immediate as there is an industrialist complex in the East that has been recently shut down. The leader gives his orders to transport the workers and their families to the West to pick the apples and bring them to market before they rot, and in addition, providing them with tents to dwell in. When the discussion of wages arises, the leader informs the committee to pay them the wages they were making on their last job.

A couple of weeks later in one of their daily meetings, the committee reports that no ones buying the apples and they’ll rot on the shelves. That the people prefer meats instead. The order comes to raise the prices on all the meats, but with the same results as people are willing to pay more for the meats instead of purchasing the apples. The next order is to remove everything from the shelves and leave only the apples until they’re all sold. People, lest they starve, purchase the unwanted apples. Thus, the leader along with his panel celebrate the success of their economic system.

A few major errors occurred here:
1. Their goal was to get the apples to the market and ignoring the demand for the apples.
2. They failed to calculate what an apple picker should receive in wages and over paid them, thus, over priced the apples.
Note: Obama will have to determine the salaries of doctors and nurses along with other employees working in his national health care, as he has already done with bank CEO’s
3. They forced the apples on the people leaving them no choice.

How will this new administration sell us their new green car?
1. Raising gas prices through taxes or the refusal to drill for oil.
2. Slapping a large carbon tax on the cars that people prefer.
3. Taking the other cars off the market.
If these things happen, then know that you’re on that infamous road to serfdom of the German type.

By: Dennis Lamb

Note: You know the phrase: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” Perhaps someday they’ll change the national motto from e pluribus unum to est pro vestri own beneficium—“It’s for your own good.”

Regular superheroes save us from villains. Liberal superheroes save us from ourselves.

Today’s federal government doesn’t stop with taking over big things like General Motors and health care, but also wants to govern little things in our lives. They’re talking about new gun controls; a federal ban on smoking in public places; controls on advertising, to make sweets as verboten as cigarettes; even sin taxes on whatever fizzes or appeals to a sweet tooth.

And the Obama Administration that is ending raids on illegal workplaces has threatened instead to raid supermarkets and confiscate Cheerios.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For those who would argue that the Constitution was written many years ago, have little understanding of how short our history really is. Let me give you a different view on this. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. George Washington died in 1799, Paul Revere in 1818, King George the Third in 1820, Wyatt Earp's Uncle, Jonathon Douglas Earp was born in 1824, and John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died July 4, 1826, only a few hours apart. This was on the 50th anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence. Wyatt Earp was born in 1848 and died a decade after WWI, in 1929. In Hollywood, after a long discussion with Earp, John Wayne knew how to portray a real cowboy. Earp's companion, Josie Marcus died in 1944, only 5 years before I was born and toward the end of WWII. In the mid 1930s, Civil War veterans were marching down the streets on Veterans Day, few in numbers though. The last survivor was, Albert Woolson of Minnesota, he was a Union drummer boy who died in 1956, and the Civil War's last authenticated survivor. I was seven years old at that time. There's still one survivor of WWI who is still living today.

Looking at American History in this perspective, makes me sense that I can reach back and shake the hand of Thomas Jefferson. There are those in the Supreme Court that would argue that the Constitution is outdated, that, "We The People" represented only those living in that generation way back then. Since human nature never changes, only technology and law, the Constitution could serve all people anywhere and at all times.

Dennis Lamb

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 The Democrat Party was formed in 1827.

2 In 1828, the first democratic president took office, which was Andrew Jackson. He replaced his Secretary of the Treasury several times until he found a yes man, Roger Taney, to remove all the federal deposites from the Second National Bank to seven state banks which expanded to 300 state banks. Thus, the economic panic of 1836 occurred because of this blunder, leaving Martin Van Buren, (democrat), to be a very unpopular President. From 1832 and well into the 40’s, the democrats viewed liberty as a negative rather than a positive as they were looking to the rise of socialism in Germany.

The next move was Jackson’s appointment to the Justice of the Supreme Court, Roger Taney. Taney and the democratic majority in the Supreme Court, in the Dred Scott Case, stated that Slaves were property, and as such, slave owners could take their slaves anywhere in the United States. This meant that slavery could exist in any state. This was hated in the free states, one of the reasons bringing about the Civil War!

3 After the war, the Radical Republicans wanted to assimilate the freed slaves into our Country like they did for the immigrants, by providing land and voting rights and all the other rights that every American had. The Moderate Republicans were less generous by not wanting to allow them to vote. The democrats wanted nothing to do with this, the democrats made the blacks sharecroppers, and when the price of cotton dropped by more than 50%, made them indentured slaves. If they couldn’t come up with the amount they owed the land owner, lest they starved, than they were indebted to the owner. Had the republicans won out on what they wanted for the freed slaves, things may have been different today.

4 In 1868 in the election of Grant, democrats intimidated so many republicans in the south, that democrats carried Georgia and Louisiana. The best example of this was in one Parish in the State of Louisiana, the democrats murdered so many republicans, black and whites but mostly blacks, that not one republican voted in that election. Seymour won the majority of the white vote, but it was the blacks in the South that gave the victory to Grant.

5 In the State Elections of 1875, the democrats unleashed their Mississippi Plan, in which, democratic gun clubs would show up where ever the republicans would gather, start trouble and shoot them to death, mostly blacks. One example of this occurred in Vicksburg where 35 blacks and 2 whites were gunned down, other such shootings mirrored similar results in the percentage of blacks and white shot dead. The blacks always voted republican until the third decade of the twentieth century. In the election of 1876 Samuel J. Tilden, the Democratic candidate, received a popular majority but lacked one undisputed electoral vote to carry a clear majority.

When the election returns came in, Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote over Rutherford B. Hayes by a small margin of about 250,000 out of a total vote of 8,320,000. However, both candidates claimed victory in the electoral vote. To settle the dispute, the Electoral Commission of 1877 was appointed. It awarded all the disputed electoral votes to Hayes, who was declared elected by 185 to Tilden's 184. William A. Wheeler of New York became vice president. It was the extreme intimidation of the republicans in the South that backfired on the democrats. This reminds me of the election of Bush and Gore in 2000.

There was corruption on both sides, with the southern republicans, mostly Carpet Baggers, who were trying to buy votes, on a small scale and not like that of the democrats. Forget about the total corruption of the Southern Democrats. Even in the north, the New York Democratic Machine ran by Boss Tweed, William Magear Tweed, stole between 40 to 200 million dollars from the taxpayers to buy the votes of immigrants. He could have taught the Southern Republicans a thing or two about corruption. In 1870, that was a lot of money! In 1875, the republicans unloaded the Carpet Bagger governments of the South, lest they loose the election of 1876.

Even though Grant was totally incorruptible, some around him were very corrupt. In his second term, the Louisiana republicans were so corrupt, that in 1876, the democrats took control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 18 years. Here again, you’re looking a few years of corruption, as compared to well over a 100 years of democratic corruption, which continues today. The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were past by the republicans as well as the Civil Rights Act of 1963, signed by President Johnson*. The Republican Party has always been the party of optimism and the Democratic Party, the party of fear.

*Not one democrat was in favor of the Civil Rights Act until they realized that the republicans were going to vote for it, and then, they jumped on the bandwagon. The southern democrats, including Al Gores father, still voted against it.

6 Let us not forget the waving of the bloody shirts that lasted from 1866 until the twentieth century! As a reminder:In the 1860’s the Republicans used a tactic, this was called Waving the Bloody Shirts, which was used through out the rest of the 19th century. Waving the Bloody Shirts was to remind the northerners that the democrats had largely led the rebellion, democrats had sundered the Union, democrats had been the cause of all the problems of the pass two decades. A speech from Oliver Morton, the Governor of Indiana, in 1866:

“Every unregenerate rebel calls himself a democrat, every bounty jumper, every sneak who ran away from the draft calls himself a democrat, every man who murdered union prisoners by cruelty and starvation calls himself a democrat, every New York rioter in 1863, who burned up little children in colored asylums, who robbed, ravaged and murdered indiscriminately calls himself a democrat. In short, the democratic party may be described as a common sewer in which is emptied every element of inhumanity and barbarism, which has discolored the age.”

This was true as most of those who did these things were, indeed, democrats, according to Gary W Gallagher of the University of Virginia, one of the top historians of the Civil War!!!

7 What Lincoln said in 1858 about the democrats:

“It was time for the people of Illinois realized that Douglas’s race card was really a license to destroy the basic principal of liberty itself . That is the real issue, the issue that will continue in this Country when these poor tongues of Judge Douglas and myself shall be silent. It is the eternal struggle between two principals, right and wrong through out the world. They are the two principals that have stood face to face since the beginning of time and will ever continue to struggle. One is the common right of humanity and the other the divine right of kings. It is the same principal in what ever shape it develops into. It is the same spirit that says, you work and toil and earn bread and I’ll eat it. No matter in what shape it comes, whether from the mouth of a king who seeks to prescribe the people of his own mission and live from the fruit of their labor. Or from one race of men for an apology for enslaving another race. It is the same tyrannical principal.”

8 Let us not forget the 1890’s when the big democratic machines were unleashed and how they used tax money to go into poor communities and do good using money from the city tax payers without their consent, much like ACORN! The democrats would demand their votes in the upcoming election.

9 What about 1905, when by the same method, the democrats went after the immigrants for their votes. The best example of this is in New York City, the democratic machine would offer an immigrant two dollars to vote twice for the democratic candidate, and often, returning to the immigrants house to offer him two more dollars to vote a third time, all on tax payers money!

10 Need I talk about the KKK created by the democrats, reinvigorated especially in the 1920's? I think not! You know the rest of the story!

Written By,
Dennis Lamb

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Declaration of Independence was not a declaration of war, the Continental Congress authorized Washington to use military force against the British.

John Adam’s war, the Quasi-War with France, was not a declared war either! Not until the War of 1812 was there a formal declaration of war and it was done for political reasons, it was an election year for James Madison, advised by his caucus to request a formal declaration of war from Congress, so the country would know that he meant business! By the debates in Congress, all would be aware of his determination. Congresses role to check the president is in funding the war, this was picked up by our Founders from the Greeks.

Ron Paul told you a true story about Jefferson’s policies, but left out the results!

1. Jefferson felt that a large army would be a danger to the republic and reducing the army would help balance the budget. He reduced the military to 3000 men and a 172 officers, he also, dry docked the six frigates in favor of coastal gun boats. The Pasha of Tripoli immediately, (a confederation of Islamic States), after seeing that the US was defenseless, raised their ransom on captured US ships and crew members. The frigates were pulled out of dry dock and the marines were sent to war, what is known as the Barbary War, without a formal declaration of war.

2. After that, in the Napoleonic War with the British, the British seized over 500 US ships and France over 300. We were helpless as we had no fleet to retaliate, so Jefferson reacted with a boycott to refuse to sell either country farm goods. He was so sure that their dependence on US goods would bring both countries to their knees, but rather, nearly destroyed the US economy and the Old Republican Party, (Later became the Democratic Party). Exports dropped from 108 million dollars to 22 million dollars and imports dropped from 138 million to 57 million, merchants went bankrupt taking the banks down with them, causing wide spread unemployment. The boycott had no effect on France or Britton.

3. The Jeffersonian, Henry Clay, let the charter of the Bank of the United States run out, leaving no funding of the War of 1812. It had to be funded privately by mainly two wealthy men, (John Jacob Astor and Steven Jarrod), which led to another economical disaster after the war. There wasn't a federal bank to payoff these personal loans of 18 million dollars. During the first term of the election of Andrew Jackson, the Old Republican Party, (Democratic Party), had to rethink Jefferson’s follies, calling for a strong defense and the building of an infrastructure, like building roads and etc. With not the taxes to build roads, led the military to create their own roads to Canada through the forests in the War of 1812. His small government ideas were unworkable.

4. Jefferson was against the canals, steamboats and had a hatred for large commerce and industry altogether. The only free market he was for, was the farmers and not for industry. Learn your lesson, he was for an Agrarian society. There wasn’t much difference between his society than that of the Indians at the time! He was a great man who studied John Locke, Greek and Roman history and is one of the main Founders of this Country, but ended up being an incompetent president during his first term in office.

By Dennis Lamb